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We started our journey on the 25th of April as our flight took off from Venice to Luton Airport. After two hours of flying and another one of driving we arrived at our accommodation. As there was still some time before going to bed we explored the closer region around our hostel.

The next days we visited some of the most popular sights in London. Starting with a walk through Hyde Park, followed by a visit to the famous Science Museum. In the afternoon we made a stopover at the Buckingham Palace, before we moved on to the Trafalgar Square and the Piccadilly Circus. At the end of the day a guided tour , called Jack the Ripper Walk, taught us some information about the world_s most infamous murderer.
On the third day, our class did separate activities. While some of us enjoyed playing golf at a Top Golf Location, some explored the city, and 10 of us, including our prof, were at the FC Millwall football stadium watching them playing against Stoke City.
The last two days of our stay we wandered through the city, visited the famous Harrods shopping mall and later on the Tate Gallery of Modern Art. Furthermore we visited the British Museum and the Tower Bridge, which was kind of difficult because of the London City Marathon which took place at the same time. On the last day of our trip we entered the Tower of London and could admire the wonderful Crown Jewels.

After landing in Venice again we all had different kinds of impressions, but what we had in common: enlarged English skills and approximately 90000 steps more in our feet.


Written by Christoph Omann

img 20190429 wa0026 1024x768

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